In-game Referral System

Earn commissions by referring new players to play the Big Crypto Game. It’s very easy, because you just need to share the link you see on your dashboard.
Your friends will love to click your link, because they get a free Dev if they mint 20 (or more) Devs on their first day of playing the game.
When someone clicks your personal referral link, their device will remember you have referred them. Once they start to play by minting devs and creating their first Cybers, you will be entitled to a commission based on the number of Devs they minted on their first day (before midnight UTC). Your commission will be paid in $CRYPTO within 10 days after your referred player has created his first Cyber. Commissions will be forfeited for wallets of affiliates who have any transactional relationship with the referred wallet and/or if the referred player is not a new player based on a resemblance between Telegram/Discord accounts/names. The day the Reincarnation process starts, any pending commissions will be canceled.
The more players you refer, the better for you. When someone you referred, shares their link with their friends, then not only do they get a commission, but you get a 2nd Tier commission.
The usual referral commissions are:
  • 1st Tier: 5% of Devs value for you
  • 2nd Tier: 1% of Devs value for you
  • A free Dev (if 20 Devs are minted on the first day) for your friend
Nadodo may adjust the commission percentages depending on how the economy evolves.
The requirement to be able to see your referral link on your dashboard is to have created a legion of 3,000 AP (or more).

Top Affiliates Win Prizes Every Week

On the Referrals page, you can see the ranking of the top affiliates.
Every week, the top 3 affiliates win bonuses on top of their referral commissions. Currently, the following bonuses are awarded: Top #1 affiliate gets 25% of the current week’s commissions as an extra bonus Top #2 affiliate gets 20% of the current week’s commissions as an extra bonus Top #3 affiliate gets 15% of the current week’s commissions as an extra bonus Also, one random affiliate who added their Telegram name gets 10% of this week’s commissions as an extra bonus
Enter your Telegram name on the Referrals box on the dashboard, so we can keep you posted if you win the random draw or one of the top 3 prizes. Your Telegram name will stay private and secure, will never be shared, and you will only be potentially contacted by the founder/dev Danny from @itsdannyh.
Each week starts on Monday 0:01am UTC and ends on Sunday 11:59pm UTC.
The first 'week' of the game is longer, and will end on the first Sunday after the public launch of the game at 11:59pm UTC.