Player's Behaviour

The Player's Behaviour is another useful barometer tool to assess the economic state of the game, in addition to all the data players can gather from the Transparent Economy Status.
On the dashboard, you will see this status bar:
The Player's Behaviour gives a real-time overview of how players are behaving over the last 24 hours when it comes to claiming and reinvesting/holding.
If the arrow would be on the '100% Claiming' on the left side, it would mean that all of the players would have claimed 100% of their Unclaimed Wallets within the last 24 hours. The bar will never be at '100% Claiming', but in a case where the majority of the players are claiming and exiting the game, just before the Reincarnation happens, the arrow will be likely close to 70% Claiming (somewhere in the middle between '100% Claiming' and '50/50').
If the arrow is close to '100% Reinvesting/Holding' on the right side, then this means that over the last 24 hours the majority of the players have been mainly reinvesting from the Reinvest Wallet to the Unclaimed Wallet and/or they have just been holding their tokens inside the Unclaimed Wallet.
The formula used for the Player's Behaviour = (Total BUSD claimed in the last 24 hours - Total BUSD reinvested in the last 24 hours) / Total BUSD in all Unclaimed Wallets * 100
The Player's Behaviour allows the players to see transparently and easily what other players are doing real-time during the game. This allows everyone to predict the time for Reincarnation more accurately before it happens.