Player's Sentiment

On the dashboard you can watch closely the current Player’s Sentiment about the economy status:
As long as the Player’s Sentiment about the game and the economy is in the green area, everybody can keep playing the current game. As soon as the Player’s Sentiment reaches the red area (30% or lower), then the game will freeze, and it will not be possible to mint/mine/use the marketplace anymore, and the Reincarnation Process to the next game will begin.

Manual Voting for Player’s Sentiment

To be able to vote for the Player’s Sentiment, a player needs to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Have at least 10,000 CP
  • Have mined a coin three days ago
Only players who fulfill the above requirements are allowed to vote, and every one of these voting players has one vote for the Player’s Sentiment. A player can change his vote from bad to good (or the other way round) every day, anytime, by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button on the dashboard.
The voting can start the earliest 3 days after the launch of the game, because it is only at that moment that players can start to have mined a coin three days ago, which is a requirement to be able to vote.
The Player’s Sentiment percentage is counted as: Player’s Sentiment percentage = (‘Good’ votes / All votes) *100
The Player’s Sentiment, the result of the votes, will be displayed from the moment there are at least 20 votes.
The vote of each player expires after 3 days and is removed from the total votes. If a player wants his vote to be taken into account, he needs to vote every 3 days. A player can update their vote as many times as they want, as often as they want. Every time the player updates their vote, the 3 days timer resets again.

Automatic Voting for Player’s Sentiment

Each player who has the above requirements also does an 'automatic' vote EACH TIME when their Reinvest Percentage CHANGES:
  • If the player's Reinvest Percentage lowers from above 50% to UNDER 50%, then the player vote 'automatically' changes to BAD (The BAD vote is voted on behalf of the player, as if the player would have clicked on the BAD vote button. The automatic vote happens without the player clicking the vote button, because the player claiming triggers the vote automatically.)
  • If the player's Reinvest Percentage increases from below 65% to OVER 65%, then the player 'automatically' votes GOOD.
  • If the player's Reinvest Percentage changes from below 50% OR over 65% to in BETWEEN 50%-65%, then nothing happens. There is no automatic vote for the player in this case.
Just after any automatic vote, the player can change their vote by voting manually.