Transparent Economy Status

We learned from our past experience the majority of the players were surprised by an abrupt end of for example our Crypto Legions v2 game. The reason for this is mainly that many players do not have the technical skills to analyze the huge amount of data on BSCscan. This is why we are introducing a simple and easy summary of the necessary data (pulled from BSCscan) in order for every player to be able to assess the health of the economy. We also want to make the health status of the game very transparent for everyone, so players can see themselves when the economy is at risk, and have the necessary information at hand to be able to make responsible decisions themselves about when to cash out or reinvest.
On the in-game dashboard, you will find the following data to be aware of the status of the Economy Health:
  • BUSD amount of the Liquidity Pool
  • $CRYPTO amount of the Reward Pool
  • Devs minted in last 24h
  • Servers minted in last 24h
  • Cybers created in last 24h
  • Total # players BUSD amount claimed in last 1h
  • BUSD amount reinvested in last 1h
  • BUSD amount taxed in last 1h
  • Total $CRYPTO (shown in BUSD) sold by players in last 1h
  • Amount of wallets that sold $CRYPTO in last 1h
In the ‘Big University’ section of the game, you will find video instructions on how to read the above data, what it means for the economy, and we will teach all players how to assess the health of the ecosystem. Now, every player who follows our teachings and keeps regularly an eye on the Economy Health data, will be able to see if the game is reaching its end, or if it has a long way to go.
In our Crypto Legions v2 game we had to inform everyone when the economy decline was irreversible. We will not need to do this in the Big Crypto Game, because everyone has now all the data to be able to make conclusions themselves about the economy health.