How To Earn

In the Big Crypto Game you will be able to create and develop powerful cybers, which you can use to mine the most precious coins.
There are many ways for people to profit from the Big Crypto Game ecosystem, and three of the main ways are: minting and trading valuable NFT assets, using cybers to mine coins in the game, and trading the $CRYPTO token.
Successfully mining coins will earn you $CRYPTO, which is the most valuable resource in the entire game environment. It’s also essential for buying power for your cybers.
However, some of these coins can be very difficult to mine and only the strongest cybers can even attempt to mine the most precious coins. As the difficulty and risks increase, so do the $CRYPTO rewards.
In order to mine, players will need to create cybers from devs and servers and ensure they have the necessary power for the mining. Each Cyber will be able to mine once every 24 hours, assuming they have the necessary cyber power. For example, if the first mining session of your cyber took place at 10:45am on Monday, then you will be able to mine with this cyber again from Tuesday 10:45am and onwards.
All the most important information and buttons are on your dashboard. You will see the dashboard appearing every time you log into the game. You can go to the dashboard at any time from any page, by clicking the Big Crypto Game logo in the top left corner, or by clicking your wallet address in the top right corner.
Last modified 5mo ago